Originally created 08/05/99

Backs 'anti-establishment' candidate

When Rebekah Sutherland entered the race for Aiken County House Seat 81 she was told, "When (Sen. Greg) Ryberg realizes you mean business (about cutting taxes, etc.), he'll come after you." Sure enough, the Spoiled Brat of the North has plunked down a $1,000 contribution to opponent Skipper Perry's campaign.

I wasn't at the meeting of the two, when the money changed hands, but I can imagine what was said: "This wad in your pocket means you're now in my pocket. If you get elected, the first order of business will be to join with me and the NAACP to remove that damned Confederate flag from the Statehouse dome. Get it?" "Gotcha, Boss."

Inasmuch as candidate Kathryn Kling, in playing musical chairs with her name, seems to have self-destructed, the race now is between the carpetbagger's apprentice and Ms. Sutherland.

Money talks -- but votes count. Let's shake the establishment politicians until their bones rattle. Elect Rebekah Sutherland on August 17.

George Bell, Windsor, S.C.


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