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Hostess should not penalize her partner

Dear Carson: I am writing on behalf of a two-table bridge club. The hostess gives $2 for high score and $1 for second place.

If the hostess is eligible for a prize, should she disqualify herself and give to the next highest? We will abide by your answer. -- Prize Places

Dear Prize: That depends on whether the hostess kept the same partner throughout. It would be a shame to penalize her partner.

If she switched partners and she was the only winner, I think it would be gracious of her to give the prize to the next highest.

Dear Carson: If a bride-to-be is registered at a nice store and we find that all the gifts on her list are very expensive, is it OK to buy a gift at a less expensive store?

I didn't know if it would be tacky and inappropriate to buy a gift other than at the store where she is registered. Personally, I think it is the thought that counts, but when it comes to social etiquette it might be a little more than just the thought. -- Uneducated About Etiquette

Dear UAE: It is up to you as to where you shop and what you purchase for a gift. There is no rule of etiquette that says you must adhere to the bride's wish list.

Dear Carson: I have just received my third invitation to a shower for the same bride. When is enough enough? How can we graciously refuse an invitation without being responsible for a gift? I say that one gift is enough. -- Angry and Broke

Dear Angry and Broke: It is a two-edged sword that the bride keeps including you on her shower invitation lists. On one hand it is a compliment to be asked, and on the other it is a financial burden. If you refuse the invitation, you are under no obligation to send a gift. If you attend it would be appropriate to give a less expensive gift, i.e. a couple of dish towels, satin coat hangers or a pack of recipe file cards.

Hi Carson: I am taking two women to dinner. One is my steady date, and the other is her friend. Whom do I seat first, my lady or my lady's friend? Both women are about the same age. -- Seating Sequence

Dear Sequence: Seat your steady date's friend first and then your steady. Bless you for still having the good manners to seat ladies and to be concerned about proper order.

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