Originally created 07/25/99

Cites local case where hospital fails

In a small one-room apartment in this city there is a young woman who has had enough burdens for the past several years and yet, a couple of weeks ago, came upon another one. A friend is giving her this place to stay, and food.

She had an abusive husband who got her started on drugs, and she has fought this battle with drugs for the past five years. She just completed a program on drugs and wants to go out and look for work again; however, she has a sickness that affects her appearance and can't do so.

Since she has no money, she went to the proper hospital here and has been given "emergency" treatment, along with prescriptions to take to an "outside" doctor and pharmacy that run from $30 to $60. (If she had money she would not have gone there in the first place.)

Calls to the Health Department, the hospital and welfare have been of no help. It seems that, yes, you can be seen in the emergency room, but if you can walk out of there you are on your own and how you get money for prescriptions is up to you. They could care less.

A whole lot of tax money goes to this hospital, and every year it cries for more.

There has to be a better way to help these people help themselves. This hospital should give them the necessary medicines to cure the problem to start with. ...

J. Black, Augusta


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