Originally created 07/25/99

Feels 'piece of our country died'

I was five-years-old and watching Art Linkletter, sitting on my mom's lap, when our next door neighbor came over and said President John Kennedy had been shot.

I remember watching the Kennedy family as I grew up, knowing they were given a special gift. With that comes an extra price. When news of John Kennedy Jr.'s plane was missing, I felt a piece of our country die. Hopes for the future and another Kennedy presidency were gone. I am deeply sad and empty with this loss.

Today, those who should be leaders aren't -- and those who should be don't make it there. The United States lost this time, and there is nothing to take its place. The great leaders seem to be gone and there is no one to replace them. My prayers go out to both families.

Claudia Stovall, Grovetown


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