Originally created 07/25/99

Muses about smoking, responsibility

Tobacco is a hazard to one's health. But if you ask a person if they ever smoked, most would say "yes, I used to but gave it up after all the harmful effects were made known." I ask if anybody held a club over their head and forced them to smoke? No, many say "we started when we were young, thought it was cool and it made us feel like adults."

Tobacco companies are guilty of keeping the facts about the harmful use of tobacco from customers. But they are not responsible for people smoking. People smoked because they chose to! (And our government gave many free cigarettes to our soldiers to calm their nerves.)

If a horse gets free from its stall and gets to the oats bin, and gorges itself, it will get sick and die. But should the owner of the horse be able to sue the farmer who grew the oats? ...

Carl W. Rafoth, Augusta

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