Originally created 07/25/99

Why Allendale Co. flunked

For skeptics who think South Carolina Education Superintendent Inez Tenenbaum acted too precipitously in having the state take control of Allendale County's dismally failing public school system, then consider the comments of one of the leaders of the opposition to the takeover, George Jefferson, a retired Allendale math teacher no less:

"All hell's going to break loose," thundered Jefferson. "They better bring in the National Guard when they come. And I've already told my children they better bring home `Cs,' `Ds' and `Fs' when the state takes over. I better not see an `A' or "B."'

That eloquently makes the case why Allendale schools are flunking and should be taken over. Another indication was anti-takeover protesters carrying signs that didn't even spell Tenenbaum's name correctly. Dumb!


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