Originally created 07/06/99

Hails pair for cotton museum action

(Editor's note: The writer is past chairman of the Metro Augusta Chamber of Commerce.)

I am writing to applaud Mayor Bob Young for his appropriate decision to allow the state funds to flow through his office that will allow for the continued interim community use of the second floor of The Cotton Exchange.

This decision by Mayor Young is a reflection of his ability to address issues in a timely way and to serve as an affirmative influence on community needs.

The Cotton Exchange has many community values including, but not limited to, historic preservation, tourism and economic development.

I also applaud Bill Moore for the professional restoration of The Cotton Exchange and making it available to our community.

The Cotton Exchange serves as a welcome center for literally thousands of visitors to our city and, therefore, is a valuable asset for tourism.

The Cotton Exchange also stands today as a monument to the redevelopment of the downtown development programs such as The Woodrow Wilson Home.

I understand that, through Mayor Young's decision, Mr. Moore is making available the second floor of The Cotton Exchange for our volunteer organizations that support tourism, economic development, historic preservation and the like.

Again, these decisions by Mayor Young and Mr. Moore are win-win decisions for our community.

Patrick G. Blanchard, Augusta


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