Originally created 07/04/99

Hits ABC for honoring 'Hanoi Jane'

ABC has included Jane Fonda in a list of "100 years of Great Women." Veterans should complain to their local ABC affiliates about this disgraceful insult to the men who fought and died in Vietnam.

When Jane Fonda visited North Vietnam to express her support of the enemy, "U.S. POWs were tortured because of her presence." One of those tortured was Capt. David W. Hoffman, USN (Ret); he was hung from the ceiling with (meat) hooks by his broken arm. Two more POWs also received more torture because of her presence. God only knows how many more received extra torture because of Hanoi Jane.

Even when (some -- not all) of our POWs came home and shocked the nation with tales of the tortures and degradation they had suffered, Ms. Fonda called them "hypocrites and liars."

Ms. Fonda, whose wartime photo pictures her sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, was also responsible for the torture of U.S. POWs.

Roger P. Nelms, USMC (Ret), Aiken


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