Originally created 06/28/99

'Infinite tolerance'

San Francisco loses none of its reputation for zany, left-wing political correctness in its School Board's bizarre response to the Littleton, Colo., high school killings.

Most school boards across the nation beefed up security and toughened zero-tolerance for violence policies. But the 'Frisco School Board went in the opposite direction, voting 5-1 to ban security officers from carrying any firearms.

Then to add insult to injury, trustees also voted to prohibit teachers from calling the police in to handle violent situations unless there is an "emergency or crisis," and then only if a school administrator can't be reached.

What's going on? Are trustees condoning, if not inviting, trouble?

Not according to what Board members told The San Francisco Chronicle. The new policy, they said, is designed to protect against the "unnecessary criminalization of students" by having them interrogated or taken to Juvenile Hall.

But, as one dismayed teacher told The Wall Street Journal, this infinite tolerance policy seems more about coddling student violence than preventing it. The Left likes to accuse conservatives of stretching their ideology to ridiculous lengths. But we can't think of anything conservatives have stretched that's as ridiculous as this public policy.


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