Originally created 06/28/99

Recounts Williston's water woes

Living in a small town like Williston can have many benefits such as talking with friends at the grocery store, neighbors helping each other and community involvement, including recreation and church. However, a hindrance to the Mayberry-type town is present when it comes to furnishing clean drinking water to all of the Williston community.

Approximately, four years ago a possible solution was employed to help old, rusted, deadend water pipes heading south on Highway 39 and other areas. After fighting the water problem for over 20 years ... city officials agreed to chemically coat water pipes so fresh water could be pumped to every home. Nevertheless, after exhausting much effort and money, this plan apparently failed.

Then, a second plan was devised to distribute a chemical called sodium hydrosufite and sodium bisufite to customers for a continuing cleaning purpose. Also utilized were garden hoses from pump stations into ditches at full bore, allowing circulation in the antique water lines, thus preventing a chlorine and rust buildup.

Well, this plan worked tolerably until skeptical, envious people who live outside the town limits began complaining to the mayor about wasting water. So, the hoses were turned down to a mere trickle, causing household water to appear as though it were drained from a 1952 Chevrolet radiator.

Apparently, grievances by county people carry much greater weight than certain taxpaying households that have to drink the threatening liquid.

This water has ruined plumbing fixtures, continually stained clothing and, most importantly, affected the health of people. This severe problem needs to be taken seriously and addressed immediately by the politicians who, by the way, have clean water lines running to their homes.

As the city manager said to me, "I have clean water where I live in Aiken." Moreover, remarks have been heard such as, "Don't some people take daily iron tablets?"

Will it take a lawyer or an undertaker to bring action in correcting this critical water problem in Williston?

Kim Burson, Williston


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