Originally created 06/28/99

Decries prejudice as setback for all

When I read "Hits group for home school prejudice" (letter June 19) it reminded me how very narrow-minded the world has become. Supporters of public schools think that is the only way to educate a student properly. Private school supporters (both Christian and non-Christian) feel that what they have to offer is by far the best. Home school groups feel thateducating children at home allows parents the opportunity to be in control of what is taught and how it is taught (some home schooler parents would prefer to send their children to a private or a private Christian school but cannot afford the tuition).

None of these is either perfectly correct or grossly incorrect. Some students will do well no matter where or how they are taught. Others, offered every advantage, will fail to achieve academically and never work to their full academic potential.

Why? No one knows the answer any more than we know the true answer for why many American children are becoming more and more aggressive and seemingly amoral. Still, the choice is there and the right to choose is still part of our American democracy as well as our God-given right.

The case with Aiken County's Billie Joe Wilder and Project Graduation, if reported correctly, is certainly a setback for all parents and teachers (regardless of the school of choice) who strive to ingrain in their students that prejudicial acts are wrong -- no matter which way you look at it.

I have been in education and involved with young people for over 30 years. In my private practice I see students from the publicschools, the alternative schools, the private and the Christian Schools, the schools for students with specific learning disabilities and students who are home schooled. Each one has always shown special potential in a number of ways.

However, some have so much built up anger (many times because of situations very much like what Bobbie Jo reportedly went through on the night of the Project Graduation activities), or self-esteem that is so low that even with help, it is difficult to bring back up to a healthy level.

... How can we expect (our children) to accept others ... if we continue to shove at them our own prejudiced thoughts and actions? ... If the Lord Jesus does not discriminate on any basis, then why in the word do we think that we have that right?

Norma Glover, Harlem


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