Originally created 06/27/99

Raps neglect of 'unknown' cemeteries

While riding through the many side streets of Augusta, two more unknown areas of this city's history were made known to me.

Between Central Avenue and Wrightsboro Road, there is a lesser traveled tributary called Morris Street. It appears to be just another street with houses and apartments except for the empty lot. From the street, the lot which has been freshly cut isn't anything of interest until the story of what lies in the back of the lot is told.

The excitement of the neighborhood's children is heard in the voice of a now senior citizen as the way is led to a cemetery. In between houses and apartments, lies the remains of an unknown cemetery. Very old resting places of Augustans, through years of neglect and tampering, lie in hidden desecration. Not knowing the importance or unimportance of people buried there does not detract from the sadness one feels when viewing this forgotten piece of history.

Everyday I travel on Johns Road. What I didn't know, perhaps like others, is that Johns Road once crossed over at Walton Way and continues on down behind the Augusta Country Club golf course. As it comes to the end and turns, it intersects with Fitten Street.

Here another unknown resting place of many Augustans lies obscured from the view of many. Just as sadly as the site on Morris Street, this cemetery is in dire need of care. Tombstones are disheveled, fences are down or barely standing and (evidence) of tampering seems apparent.

These two areas may or may not be part of the city's area of care. Perhaps there should be a way to ensure the sanctity of these former Augustans from further destruction. They, too, hold part of Augusta's history.

Michele R. Chalker, Augusta


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