Originally created 06/27/99

Alleges G.W. Bush has connection with Freemasons connection

George W. Bush is the leading fund raiser for the Republican Party because he is backed by the Texas Freemasons. Naturally, if he is backed by them, he would be backed by all Freemasons. Since the Freemasons essentially own and operate America, he is bound to be a shoo-in for the presidency.

I was up on the Internet last year browsing the Mason websites and clicked on a picture of George W. Bush signing a document at a table and he was surrounded by a group of Masons dressed in suits and displaying their lambskin tool pouches in full view.

For those of you who doubt the presence of Masons in business, just start looking for pyramids, stars, arches or miters in the logos of corporations or businesses in your area.

If you doubt the presence of Masons in the government, just look at the pyramid on the back of the $1 bill or visit the Washington monument the next time you are in Washington, D.C.

I think all candidates should have to declare whether they are members of secret organizations, like the Masons or the Council on Foreign Relations, or if they are primarily backed by these organizations.

With Mr. Bush and his big-business backers you will get no real change in government. The accumulation of wealth and power is the highest expression there is in a secular society. We have reached that plateau. For our government to achieve any higher status, it must step up onto a spiritual plane higher than the one it is on now. George W. Bush is powerless to take that step.

Ken Lummis, Martinez


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