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Clinton's lying denials 060599 - The Augusta Chronicle

President Clinton cannot possibly deal adequately with Red China's massive theft of classified nuclear data from our national weapons laboratories until he admits to his own administration's complicity in the debacle.

So far he has stubbornly refused to do this, even though one of his own Cabinet members says, however reluctantly, that significant thefts did take place on Clinton's watch, and he was told of it long before the scandal broke.

Clinton claims all the worst thievery happened in earlier Republican administrations, not his. He says his administration deserves credit for blowing the whistle and installing new security measures (in effect, shutting the barn door after the horses escaped).

His persistent denials that anything meaningful was stolen on his watch sounds alarmingly like his lie that he "never had sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky."

As the bipartisan Cox report discloses, the worst thefts took place during this administration. They were made worse by ignoring militarily useful technology sold to China by unpatriotic American corporations more concerned with profits than security -- corporations, incidentally, which contributed heavily to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign.

The Cox report did not get into the campaign contribution aspect of the scandal, because Democrats threatened to withdraw their bipartisan support if it did. But that must not mean the campaign's ugly connection with the Chinese military shouldn't be further looked into by the GOP-led Congress. The Clinton administration's Justice Department certainly isn't going to investigate it.

In any event, on this president's watch China stole design information on every thermonuclear warhead deployed in the U.S. ballistic missile arsenal. The thefts enabled the Communists to design, develop and test modern strategic nuclear weapons years sooner than would normally have been the case.

Finally, there is this: As part of the administration's "strategic partnership" with China, the two nations agreed last year not to target long range missiles at one another, yet Beijing still has up to two dozen ICBMs aimed at the heart of U.S. cities. Some partnership!


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