Originally created 06/05/99

Questions any property tax hike 060599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Richmond County residents pay large taxes to support the Board of Education. Is the Board going to raise our taxes on the heels of the recent Board of Assessors' property value increase?

One can recall a few years ago the Board got a 1-percent sales tax and a bond issue out of us. It still needs more money?

Now we're told the school budget needs to be $185 million next year compared to the $176 million this year. After the wise $7 million for teachers and support personnel, your paper reported that top administrators propose an extra $2 million.

I feel uncomfortable reading that maintenance is likely to be cut. Aren't we building a lot of new schools that have to be maintained? Maintenance should get an increase.

Also, didn't a recent Chronicle article mention a proposal for hiring another assistant superintendent? I hope this is not in the making, because another assistant for our superintendent means another large salary with support costs together reaching an annual $200,000

Bury ... beginning-of-school "celebrations" and superintendents' conferences. Most serious employees see these as a waste of time and money -- good mostly for personal glorification for board presidents and superintendents.

Also, go easy on cutting 44 classroom teachers. Isn't it sensible to reduce class size?

I have difficulty understanding some of the level-one administrators' budget proposals. While I feel that a number of our Board trustees likewise struggle for clarifications of budget items, I feel they will act to keep our system sound without tax increases.

W. Franklin Boulineau, Hephzibah


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