Originally created 06/05/99

Slams school boards' taxing power 060599 - The Augusta Chronicle

It has now been suggested that, since the school boards of South Carolina have been granted the right to tax, the election of its members should be elected on a party basis. The only merit this plan has is to finally allow the citizens of South Carolina to recognize exactly who is running their schools.

The Republicans are for it; the Democrats against it; no one seems to have asked anyone else what they think.

The Democrats wanted the autonomy in the first place, and cowed Republicans went along for the ride. Do the Democrats fear their intentions will be uncovered? Do the Republicans have the guts to fight for it? Who cares? The school boards should not have the right to tax in the first place!

I eschew party politics myself, and this is one example of why.

If you want to know what "fiscal autonomy" means, check Pennsylvania. Their school boards have it, and have raised taxes every year since they got it. This year the taxes of Pottstown will be raised just to cover the expensive building mistakes the School Board made last year. Did their School Board feel accountable? No. ...

There is no need to trust the School Board with this power, and every reason not to. So why are we doing it?

Howard Wayt, Aiken


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