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Criticize `Boondocks' comic strip 060599 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am one of those people who object to the new comic strip "The Boondocks."

This strip apparently is drawn to stir up trouble between the races and make us think negatively about all that is decent and good. My black friends and I have gotten along well and loved each other without this. ... This in no way forms a bond between people.

The graphics are so unlike real people and do not reflect what the author is trying to show. Apparently author Aaron McGruder likes to take issues and pursue them in a way to cause friction between people.

Thank goodness we don't have many outhouses anymore, but if we did I can assure you that most people would know what to do with Mr. McGruder's comics in lieu of the Sears catalog we used to use.

Jerry K. Love, Aiken

I have been a staunch supporter of the conservative view that The Chronicle has taken over the years. However, I have been rather surprised by the recent addition to the comics of the cartoon "The Boondocks."

... I understand this was supposed to be a move toward diversity; but I see it as crude, rude and socially unacceptable. I have not seen anything that is comical, amusing or has any redeeming value in this cartoon.

I know that the cartoons are like the TV. I can turn it off or switch channels. Or, in the newspaper, I can choose not to read it, which is what I intend to do. But when you have to give a violence warning in the comics, something is dreadfully wrong! I think, at the very least, it gives very young, impressionable minds the wrong answers to society's problems. It only adds to their confusion, as they try to sort out all the communications coming into their lives in this day and time.

Since this newspaper is a leading influence in the community, I pray that you will use more moral judgment the next time a decision on the renewal of this controversial cartoon is made. ...

Jimmie L. Tabor, Aiken

I just wanted to register my vote against the new comic strip "The Boondocks"

I don't think the content of that strip has any redeeming qualities. I find it very offensive. Please bring us something else.

Nevin R. Strite, Augusta

Re comic strips:

I suggested that you use the "Doonesbury" strip -- at least it was "politically incorrect" instead of "racially incorrect" (like "The Boondocks"). Maybe this time you will listen to your "elders."

Carl Champlin, Aiken

I read with interest Executive Editor Dennis Sodomka's May 30 column and also a letter to the editor about the new comic strip "The Boondocks."

While most people realize that "not everything in the paper appeals to everyone," I think that things should appeal to the majority of readers.

I really enjoy your paper (for the most part) but have not found the new comic strip amusing or informative.

While I really enjoy the political cartoons ... I will have to skip this "strip."

Sonjya Means, Augusta


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