Originally created 06/05/99

Dislikes mandatory school uniforms 060599 - The Augusta Chronicle

... I see where Richmond County School Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke wants to make uniforms mandatory. ...

Now if this was a private school it would be different. But he is talking about public schools. I try to teach my children the difference between right and wrong, but in this case neither I nor my kids will follow this rule. If the rest of the parents out there want the state to dictate how to raise their kids, fine. I won't be part of it.

I raise my kids the way I feel they should be raised. Dr. Larke, you can change all the rules if you want. But both of my kids will be in elementary school next year with their regular, everyday clothes on. I believe it is time for all the parents out there to take back the responsibility of raising their kids. It's not the government's responsibilty, it's yours!

And for all of you people who believe that an education is a privilege, you are dead wrong. Every-one has a right to an education, and it should not be denied because they are not wearing the proper uniform.

S. Thigpen, Augusta


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