Originally created 06/04/99

Steers School Board to priority cuts 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

In response to the May 25 article "Funding discussed by Board," I am astonished that Richmond County School Board officials would even consider cuts in the classroom to "save millions."

We all hear that smaller classes are key to quality education. Smaller classes mean more teachers. With our putting "children first" motto, how do the classroom cuts fit in?

I feel sure there are 95 central office, maintenance department or non-classroom positions that could be trimmed. Whose uncle or cousin could go? If we must cut 90 classroom positions (teachers and assistants), then it is time to cut cell phones, cars, trips, travel money and the myriad other non-essential conveniences this Board operates with.

I agree with Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke's statement that the place to look for savings is personnel. But he and the Board need to shift its focus from teachers and assistants to non-classroom personnel.

Where is the "savings" when our students are shortchanged?

Penny Strader, Augusta


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