Originally created 06/04/99

Attacks critics; backs lunch policy 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

I was appalled to read Millard Gooding's letter regarding his opposition to firemen eating out inpublic restaurants while on duty. It is pathetic to imagine that we should stop this practice for financial reasons.

The firemen I have served have always paid for their own meals. As for the increase in cost for gas, oil and tires, I am more than happy to have my taxes go to service their fire trucks so that they may get a well-deserved lunch break.

I would like to ask Mr. Gooding where it is he thinks we should draw the line? Does this mean that police officers driving patrol cars or government employees driving state vehicles cannot take a lunch break at a public facility? Almost everyone else can do it, so why can't people who risk their lives for us have the luxury of taking a break outside of the work place? ...

Mr. Gooding, if I ever serve you, don't leave me a tip. Stop by the fire station and donate it to their "gas fund" so they can go out in public in their uniforms and have a chance to talk to other people while on duty -- which they obviously cannot do while putting out a fire.

And for all you firefighters out there: whenever I see you on your lunch break, you can count on a warm greeting from me!

A. Greene, Augusta

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