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Say strip promotes stereotype, bigotry 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Thank you, Aaron McGruder, for your enlightening strip "The Boondocks."

Mr. McGruder explained that he wanted to dispel the myth that all African-Americans live in the inner cities. I live in mostly white Evans, and even though most of the few African-Americans who are my neighbors are wonderful, likable people, Mr. McGruder's cartoon has made me aware that the typical African-American is violent and hateful and threatens to spray lead at anyone who stands in his way. I certainly don't want people like that moving into my neighborhood.

I take it the lesson to be learned from "The Boondocks" is that you can take the child out of the violent, inner-city, but you can't take the violent, inner-city out of the child. Thank you for the enlightenment. Mr. McGruder has done much to advance the cause of equality and rid us of stereotypes. This, of course, is meant in sarcasm.

I adamantly support the advancement of minorities and equality between the races. "The Boondocks," however, only promotes the stereotype of black violence.

Joe Fausnight, Evans

Re "The Boondocks":

I would like to add my objection to this bigoted "comic" strip. My interpretation of a comic strip is one that tells a story or produces humor about daily living activities. "The Boondocks" does neither.

This strip encourages as acceptable behavior both bigotry and violence. It's time for your staff to review this strip and remove it. It is insulting to the intelligence of the reading public.

M. A. Johnson, Aiken

Get rid of "The Boondocks," which is the most stupid and racist excuse for a cartoon that I have ever seen, and bring back "Curtis." If you don't, I will start looking for a newspaper that does not carry this trash.

Jack L. Jarriel, Aiken

Just a few words on the non-comic strip "The Boondocks":

I have paid for a subscription to The Chronicle for some 40 years. There isn't much that unnerves me as much as this offensive non-comic strip.

I'm watching to see if it is removed. If not, I'm going to miss The Chronicle every morning. ...

Ernest A. Hall, Aiken

I totally agree with letter writer Terry Hale's comments on the comic strip "The Boondocks." It is offensive, demeaning and not even funny.

Hazel Whittington, Augusta


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