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Notes sources of Norwood criticism 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Recently I read two letters in this column from the camp of David Bell, both criticizing the policy of U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., on the war in the Balkans. I think the readers should know the source of both letters.

Brad Owens wrote that Rep. Norwood was wrong to oppose U.S. military intervention in the Kosovo civil war, and wrong to be concerned about American involvement in the "New World Order" proposed by Clinton. Mr. Owens left the Republican Party under questionable circumstances last year, and has now allied himself with the Democrats and Mr. Bell's tentative campaign for Congress.

Ken Cone wrote a similar letter on Mr. Bell's behalf attacking Rep. Norwood. Mr. Cone was an employee of Bell's failed '96 campaign, has worked for several candidates for both parties in the meantime based on whoever pays him, and appears to be working for Mr. Bell again.

Both Messrs. Owens and Cone are in fact unofficial mouthpieces for Mr. Bell, and anything they submit should be duly identified.

I do not work for Rep. Norwood. He works for me, and everybody else in this district who needs a congressman who will stand up for what is right, instead of what his party leaders dictate. It is also interesting to note that Mr. Bell's statements on Kosovo reflect the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee mantra.Wayne Hawkins, Augusta


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