Rockies edge Braves

Tigers can't back out of this one

Clemson ready to face Texas A&M

10-cent beers, blood remembered 25 years later

GreenJackets take Macon Braves 8-3

Fenway Park replacement faces opposition

Cincinnati Reds draft Lions' Hawes

GreenJackets take Braves

Braves bullpen standing tall

Polk not clearing up rumors about his return to coaching

Braves notebook: Cox says switch is temporary

Georgia taps Polk for coach

Barnes & Noble calls off Ingram merger rather than battle antitrust regulators

Texaco, Chevron cancel merger talks

Speedway in line for renovation

Factory orders drop 1.2 percent in April

Additional business news

Post office restricts boxes

Russia to miss another big debt payment, no solution in sight

Poteet partner bankrupt

Relics reveal history of canal
The 200-pound iron wheels were found by divers. The spools of cotton yarn are leftovers from a century of textile milling.

1942: A look at the 20th Century
Bloodshed from war and the Holocaust, the birth of two future rock legends and living with scarcity are among memories of many who lived in 1942 -- a tumultuous year in American history.

Game 7 winner may end up hoisting the Cup

Colorado takes road show

Zen hockey: Hitchcock sees Game 7 as `peaceful'

Hasek has everything but Cup

Hackett signs three-year extension with Montreal

Derailed after trade in 1994, Patrick finally gets shot at Cup

Proposed bill would allow water lawsuit

Judge: Trevino can't join suit

School ahead

Neighbors cancel dog lawsuits

Rudy Mason, S.C. lawmaker, dies at 66

1942: A look at the 20th Century

Officials approve golf development

Legislators stumble on gaming, budget

School prepares for voluntary uniforms

Hometown pays tribute to veteran

Transportation chief named

Willing workers

Majority of panel don't live in city

All in a day's work

School ground-breaking

Deadly accident

New members sworn in on public TV board

Area briefs: Teen boy charged in fire at house

Relics reveal history of canal

House fire now ruled arson case

County courts wood-veneer maker

Learning comes naturally

Schools fighting to keep HOPE

Area briefs: Girl struck in leg by blowgun dart

County jail's cells getting new locks

Odd-even watering system considered

County puts ban on water

Tax raise for school considered

Odd-even watering allowed

Drought beginning to affect farms, wildlife

Exchange student enjoys U.S.

Auditors criticize SRS facility failure

Woman accuses hospital

Qualities of a Jedi are regional

Malone wins MVP after `weird' season

Ewing out for rest of playoffs

Ewing asks teammates for ring

Stoudamire's complaints over playing time puzzle coach, Spurs

Sore Rider says he will be ready on Friday

Van Gundy complains about fouls

Mrs. Janice Hudson

Mrs. Myrtle Patterson

Mrs. Jimmie Harris

Mr. Lewis Aldred Sr.

Mr. Christopher Dicks

Mrs. Goldie Corley

Mr. Willie Dickerson

Mr. John F. Seif

Mrs. Vilena Hightower

Mrs. Claree Chitty

Mrs. Mary Evans

Gena Christian

Mrs. Iola Brown

Ms. Portia Lee

Mr. Richard Fisher

Mrs. Janie Jamison

Mrs. Grace Trehy

Mr. Joseph Johnson Jr.

Mr. Edgar Finch

Mr. Jerome Singletary

Mr. Charlie Free

Mr. Russell Rhinehart

Mrs. Mattie McGahee

Mrs. Dollie Russell

Mr. Ray Simmons

Mrs. Mary Hennessy

Mr. Eugene Justen Sr.

Michaela Thomas

Mrs. Mary Whitaker

Mr. John Cummings Sr.

Wireless school security 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Grouses about Social Security 060399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Notes sources of Norwood criticism 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Kill asphalt 'turkey' 060399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Steers School Board to priority cuts 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits bison subsidy, 'corrupt system' 060399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Say strip promotes stereotype, bigotry 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: More than family values needed to end violence 060399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wonders about silence over Cassie 060399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Attacks critics; backs lunch policy 060499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Athlete honored

Atlanta Olympic organizers respond to congressional probe

ASU stumbles at end of 1st round

Howell helps lead Cowboys

Graf and Hingis reach French Open final

Ireland bars Yugoslav soccer team

Elson to advance in NCAA

Pak trying to crank up season in Women's Open

Overtime: Styles keys in game 7 of NHL playoffs

Overtime: Barnett added to roster for all-star game

Understanding lake bass fishing

Panther's Biakabutuka injured again

Jones' star rising in CART series

In the know

Drive-in theater's a fun way to watch movie

Chinch bugs make an early appearance in area lawns

Clothes' meaning changes over time


Bluegrass gaining still more listeners

Songwriter has nothing against money

It's time to conserve water for the summer

CD worthy of rock fans' collection

Hopeland Gardens is a jewel in South Carolina's public-park system

Augusta to become showcase for artists

Misty river setting suits Macha's style

Gardening is not for the wimpy

U.S. sanctions against EU products move closer over beef dispute

Men sent to prison in pollution case

From chicken to pigs, Belgium's dioxin scandal expands

Credit cards are a click away

Microsoft points to inconsistencies in earlier testimony

Parents are using filters to curb Internet abuse by teens

President orders federal agencies to conserve energy

Japan approves birth control pill -- after nine years' wait

Pollution proposal on hold

New immune suppression drug allows mismatched marrow transplants

Amphibian group gains support

Space station is cozier, quieter

Microsoft chairman, lawyers tell different stories