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Course features new clubhouses

Golfers who haven't been there in awhile will be in for a surprise the next time they visit Pine Ridge Country Club in Edgefield, S.C., or the Augusta Golf Course, better known as "the Patch."

Both courses have built clubhouses that make their old ones pale in comparison.

Neither clubhouse resembles their old one, but they do look like other clubhouses in the area.

The Pine Ridge clubhouse, which opened March 7, is a near-replica of the Augusta National Golf Club's clubhouse.

The design of the Augusta Golf Course's clubhouse, which should open in mid-June, is loosely based on the clubhouse at Rocky Branch Golf Course in Lincolnton, Ga. It also resembles the Forest Hills Golf Club's clubhouse.

Pine Ridge and the Augusta Golf Course's clubhouses are tied into projects at the courses. At Pine Ridge, it was a $1.2 million deal that included paying off loans and hooking into county water and sewage. The price tag for the Augusta Golf Course clubhouse was $599,000 out of a $1.7 renovation plan.

There's a good reason why the pros at the courses -- Kurt Kaltz at Pine Ridge and Guy Reid at the Augusta Golf Course -- have been in such good moods lately. With the new clubhouses built or on the way, they don't feel so cramped anymore. Both clubhouses are at least twice the size of the previous ones.

"It's a pleasure to come to work," said Kaltz, who worked out of a trailer for nine months while the clubhouse was being built.

The old Augusta Golf Course clubhouse is not the original one, but it has stood since the early 1950s. Tentatively, the clubhouse will be demolished on June 9, Reid said.

Reid is looking for someone interested in making a drawing of the old clubhouse to be framed and placed in the new one. Reid can be reached at 731-9344.

Though most of the work on the clubhouse at the Augusta Golf Course is done, the paving of the parking lot can't be done until the old clubhouse is demolished.

During the paving, golfers may have to park by the 13th tee and be shuttled up to the first tee, where a trailer will serve as the temporary clubhouse.

"It's going to be a difficult situation for a few weeks for everybody," Reid said. "The main thing I'm trying to do is keep business going as usual. I don't want to shut down the course for even a day. Through the whole renovation process, we tried to keep some holes open. In the last 14 months, we had 45,000 to 50,000 rounds played. We've done a good job of renovating and allowing the public to play."

At any rate, all the work will be done in time for the Georgia Games golf tournament, scheduled for July 23-25.


The annual Mickie Gallagher Junior golf tournament is scheduled for Aug. 12 at the Forest Hills Golf Club, it was announced this week by the tournament's sponsor, the Knights of Columbus Patrick Walsh Council 677. The event is open to boys and girls through age 17. Applications will be distributed to area courses within the next two weeks.


Former Georgia Southern golf coach Drew Pittman has returned to the club pro business as the head man at the Twin City Country Club in Sandersville, Ga.

Pittman, 32, was an assistant pro at Southern Links in Statesboro before taking over as the Georgia Southern coach from 1994-97. Pittman is a former Georgia Southern golfer.

"This is really what I I wanted to do," Pittman said. "I enjoy being a club pro, plus I enjoy competing in pro tournaments. The job allows me to have a family life and still compete in tournaments. It works out pretty good for me."

Pittman is from Vidalia, where his father Andy Pittman was the pro at Vidalia Country Club for 18 years. Andy Pittman is now the head pro at Southern Links.

Drew Pittman isn't only new addition at the club. Augusta native Robert Banks, a former assistant superintendent at Goshen Plantation and a superintendent at Carolina Shores in Myrtle Beach, is the new superintendent.

"I think he's going to do a good job," Pittman said. "You're going to see a lot of improvement in the golf course in the next year."


GREEN MEADOWS: Rodney Hendricks aced the third hole with a 9-iron shot. The witnesses were Frank Clark, Frank Rinck and Marion Jordan.

George Teasley aced the eighth hole. The witnesses were Leon Masters, Mike Phillips and Arlo Ferguson.

Ernie Timmerman aced the 18th hole with a 5-wood shot. The witness was Joe Wright.

Bobby Sims aced the third hole with an 8-iron shot. The witnesses were Walt Harwood, Joe McKinney and Andy Martin.

TWIN CITY: Jay Garbutt aced the 180-yard 12th hole with a 6-iron shot. Michael Atkinson was one of the witnesses.

Pat Smith, one of the club's female members, aced the 75-yard 15th hole with a pitching wedge shot.

CEDAR CREEK: Tim Chandler aced the 100-yard fifth hole with a pitching wedge shot. The witnesses were Steve Foster, Vince Grosso, Amy Southmayo and Brad Owens.

ROCKY BRANCH: Presley Blakey aced the 150-yard 17th hole with a 7-iron shot. The witness was Tommy Jordan.

AUGUSTA GOLF COURSE: Jimmy Holmes aced the seventh hole with a 7-wood shot. The witnesses were Tony Kearns, Larry Harris and Rick Howard.

POINTE SOUTH: Deana Newton of Woodstock, Ga., aced the 65-yard fourth hole with a pitching wedge shot.

Randy Sconyers aced the 151-yard 14th hole with an 8-iron shot. The witnesses were Alan Hay and Mark Crawford.

Eagle on par-4s

AUGUSTA NATIONAL: Roger Castillo eagled the par-4 third hole from the members tees during last week's media outing. Castillo, an Augusta Chronicle employee, knocked an 8-iron shot into the hole on the first bounce from 153 yards out. The witnesses were Frank Burkhart, Barry Hegler and Kevin Johnson. In addition to the eagle, Castillo had three birdies (Nos. 8, 9 and 15) en route to an 80.

GORDON LAKES: Ray Poellnitz eagled the 373-yard 18th hole.

Double eagle

ROCKY BRANCH: Bill Ashmore, the owner of Rocky Branch, scored a double eagle on the 435-yard, par-5 fifth hole. He knocked in a 5-wood shot from 215 yards on his second shot.


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