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Laxity, cover-up, treason 053099 - The Augusta Chronicle

The release of the declassified version of the Cox report -- which an amoral Clinton administration had stalled for five months -- paints a frightening picture of how Communist China's spies penetrated the lax security of our national laboratories -- mainly after the mid-1990s -- so that it now has the capability of pointing nuclear missiles at Washington, the Savannah River Site or anywhere else in the U.S.

A third of the report remains classified -- so listen to what Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., grimly says: Americans would really be up in arms against the Clinton-Gore administration if it read even a few pages of what the White House insists on being kept from the people.

Shelby wants to declassify more pages that don't directly impact on our security. He also rightly calls for firing the most incompetent attorney general the U.S. has ever had: Janet Reno. She repeatedly blocked routine FBI requests for wiretaps on suspected spies.

The Cox Report makes clear the large majority of this laxity, cover-up and, yes, treason took place under President Clinton:

"In the late 1990s, the PRC stole or illegally obtained U.S. developmental and research technology that, if taken to a successful conclusion, could be used to attack U.S. satellites and (heretofore invulnerable) submarines."

"The dissolution of the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls in 1994 left the United States without an effective international mechanism to control the transfer of important military technologies. The U.S. relaxed restrictions on high-performance computer (HPC) sales in 1996. The PRC has been using HPCs for nuclear weapons applications ... (and the) research and development of missiles, satellites, spacecraft, submarines, aircraft." (China had no HPCs in 1996; it purchased more than 600 from the U.S. by the end of 1998!)

Just these two examples underscore not only how the espionage undermined our national security, but how legal technology transfers by America's un-American firms stabbed us in the back.

It was in April 1998 when some patriotic congressmen discovered how three U.S. companies helped China improve its missiles. Loral Space & Communications, Hughes Electronics and Motorola shamefully supplied Beijing with the launch know-how that China used to improve the reliability of its long-range nuclear missiles.

Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz followed up: Loral Chairman Bernard Schwartz gave $1.1 million to Democrats and Clinton between 1992-98. "In exchange, Schwartz was allowed to travel to China with Commerce Secretary (Ron) Brown, and won favorable treatment from the administration in getting controls loosened so that Loral could launch its satellites on inexpensive Chinese booster rockets, which are nearly identical to the Chinese strategic missiles that would benefit greatly from U.S. technology transfers."

The Pentagon probed another astounding technology giveaway to China by Hughes Electronics resulting from a 1995 Chinese rocket launch explosion. Hughes actually helped the manufacturer to fix the rockets! As Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., exclaimed, "Chinese rockets blowing up on launch is a good thing. We should not be making their missiles better."

Loral's Schwartz and Hughes CEO C. Michael Armstrong appear to have no loyalty to anything except their own greed. Customers or potential buyers should demand that these two companies, at the very least, apologize to the American people for the damage they have inflicted on our defense posture.

Also, at the very least, the American people and their elected representatives must demand that Reno and National Security adviser Sandy Berger be fired for their role in covering up all of this aid and comfort to an enemy of our country.


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