Originally created 05/30/99

Offers solution to student loans 053099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Why don't the Georgia Student Finance Commission, the insurance commissioner, and the secretary of state get together and raise fees/salaries/wages 28 percent across the board, or let the doctors trade in their third-party denials and uncollectables on their student loan debt?

Where is the logic or ethics in enticing our bravest and brightest into the professions only to have those who couldn't make it into professional school sit in review of the billings of those who did?

Where is the fair play in denying our professional service sector a living wage once they complete their training? What is the point of threatening them with oblivion because we refuse to pay the health costs of our own indulgences and folly?

If we can find a way to preserve a clubhouse, a driveway, and a 171-year-old medical institution, we ought to be able to find a way to save the current crop of health care providers. Surely we don't have as many "deadbeats"as we have greedy, capitalistic health maintenance organization vendors and their captive deadheaded and/or amoral bureaucrats in charge of reimbursement.

Instead of closing down those who are in arrears, why not request an annual copy from each borrower's federal income tax return? It would then be a simple matter to separate those who are "welshing" from those who need food stamps.

Tom Zwemer, Augusta


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