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Finds numbers add up for Christianity 053099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Andy Reese (letter, May 15) maintains violence might increase in our public schools if religion, and specifically Christianity, is allowed to be a part of the educational process. He supports his conclusion by citing the number of people killed by vile Christians throughout the ages. He mentions John Calvin, the Inquisition, and the Puritans as Christians orgroups that have used the power of the state to kill people for their beliefs.

I will concede Mr. Reese's point that Christians have in the past killed in the name of their religion. For example, John Calvin and the other reformers did put several to death in Geneva. I guess the Puritans burned a dozen or so witches, and perhaps the Inquisition killed another 2,000-3,000.

I will even throw in the Crusades, which, I guess, may be responsible for another 100,000 deaths. This is not acceptable behavior by any group, but particularly by groups that claim to be following the teachings of a loving God.

Obviously, according to Mr. Reese, the introduction of Christian teaching into our schools might increase violence because of the facts presented above. But to be fair, let us examine the schools as they are today (god-less) and see if we can correlate godlessness and violence. Well, there is Mao Tse-tung who may have killed 20 million of his people in China. Then there is Joseph Stalin who killed 13 million during his ethnic cleansing in the Soviet Union. And, remember the killing fields of Pol Pot, where 2 million were killed in Cambodia.

I recall that Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot were all Communists, and doctrinally atheists -- without God. And then there is the worst demon of them all, Adolf Hitler, who put to death at least 6 million Jews in his attempt to create his utopia. I believe Hitler was involved in the occult. I don't believe any of these mass murderers were secret members of the so-called "Christian Right."

If my figures are correct, the godless win the game over the Christians 41 million to 103,015. Which group would you have teach your children?

Francis T. Lake Sr., Evans


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