Originally created 05/30/99

Back firemen's eating-out policy 053099 - The Augusta Chronicle

I would like to respond to letter writer Millard Gooding who opposes the firemen's eating-out policy. I have never heard such an absurd accusation in reference to the wasting of tax dollars.

Our firefighters work hard for our city and its citizens. They put in 24-hour days and sometimes go without eating or sleeping in order to protect life and property.

I don't think that taking one hour to eat a meal that they pay for out of their own pocket, whether at the station or at a local restaurant, is excessive or unreasonable. They do not leave their assigned territories, so they are able to respond just as quickly to any emergency just as they would if they were in the station. Eating at the station would still require a trip in the fire truck to the nearest grocery store.

There are so many ways that this city wastes money, there must be more legitimate concerns and causes that Mr. Gooding can focus his animosity and nit-picking energy on that would better serve the people.

Should it come down to his life and property in an emergency situation, I don't think he would care where the help comes from as long as it gets there as quickly as possible.

K. Johnson, Augusta


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