Originally created 05/29/99

Defends tax-cutting brother 052999 - The Augusta Chronicle

It's really amazing how individuals react when feathers are being ruffled within county government. It's no secret that Aiken County Councilman Phil Napier is working very hard to cut waste and save the taxpayers money and, in doing so, is stepping on toes that have not been stepped on before. ...

It's time for representatives such as County Council Chairman Ronnie Young to join him in trying to eliminate waste and save taxpayer money instead of doing nothing for fear of alienating a potential vote for himself in the next election.

It is appalling how Mr. Young and Solicitor Barbara Morgan reacted concerning the secret recording of the department head meeting. ... You would have thought Mr. Young and Ms. Morgan would be well versed with the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, but apparently not. They just created more waste of taxpayer dollars in asking the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to investigate the tape recording. ...

As for Councilman Napier, keep up the good work. ...

Richard K. Napier, Aiken

(Editor's note: The author is Councilman Napier's brother.)


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