Originally created 05/29/99

Backs punishment of Harlem girls 052999 - The Augusta Chronicle

My heart goes out to the Harlem teens who chose to drink on prom night, and their parents.

I applaud the parents who will allow their children to suffer the consequences of their actions. I give a standing ovation to the Columbia County School Board and its courage to support the school. The school rules and laws governing alcohol use are fair and are in place to protect our youth. They must be severe because the offense is severe.

The consequences imposed by authorities are not nearly as bad as the natural consequences of underage drinking. Drinking alcohol gives teen-agers an excuse for behaving in ways they normally wouldn't ... and then later they can brag about their actions. It's a way of saying you don't have to be accountable for what you do. Unfortunately, teens don't have a clear perception of real-life consequences. That's where our rules and laws come in.

We must all be thankful that these teen-agers were not driving, did not die from alcohol poisoning, have sex or become victims of rape. This is not the end of the world for these teens, and they can certainly become good citizens by sharing their stories with other students. ...

Incidentally, what happened to the limousine driver who allowed underage drinking in his vehicle? If that person is not being prosecuted, why not? ...

Susan Schaeberle, Augusta


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