Originally created 05/29/99

Responds to Aiken Co. taping flap 052999 - The Augusta Chronicle

"Open mouth, insert foot." Clearly, Aiken County Council Chairman Ronnie Young hasnever heard of this saying. His published comments promise a speedy capture and immediate firing of the person or persons responsible for the clandestine taping of the department head meeting.

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. The Aiken Standard suggests a voluntary lie detector test for everyone who attended. I guess the hope in this is that those who volunteer are automatically assumed to be innocent, while those who do not volunteer are likewise assumed to be guilty (regardless of the reason for not volunteering). This reduces the field of possible suspects which speeds the capture and the pre-ordained firing. Wonderful police work.

I think Mr. Young has put Aiken County into the middle of a huge law suit. The already condemned person(s) who did the taping are certainly suffering mental anguish from fear of losing their job(s) over something that, according to Solicitor Barbara Morgan, might not be illegal. Go figure.

I see wrongful termination, defamation of character and other charges being filed against the county. I don't think the taxpayers are willing to pay for the defense of an indefensible action. If it comes down to a legal battle over this issue, taxpayers will lose regardless of the verdict. Attorneys will be paid handsomely. County employees will spend countless hours researching and preparing useless information for other government agencies and plaintiff's attorneys. This is a lose-lose situation. ...

What I want to know is what was said in this county business meeting that they would not say in public. I think someone must have said the "N" word. In this case the "N" stand for Councilman Phil Napier.

Terry Jones, Aiken


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