Originally created 05/29/99

Blames parents for school violence 052999 - The Augusta Chronicle

Kids who kill were created by society -- by violence on TV, by watching the wrong programs on the Internet and by parents who don't give them a good Christian upbringing. I blame the parents of those kids. You cannot convince me those kids were making pipe-bombs for a whole year in their garages and the parents didn't know about it.

How many parents show up at parent-teacher meetings? Less than 10 percent. Do parents control what our children watch on TV? No, most parents let the teachers take care of the upbringing of their children and then sue the teachers if they discipline their kids.

One woman and a few judges stopped all prayers in public schools and the rest of the world stood by and did nothing about it. We kicked God out of the U.S.

I blame society for all of this. ... It is time to go back to basics. Our laws in the U.S. Constitution were based on God's law and created by God-fearing men. Remember our coins ... "In God we Trust." We allow a lying maniac to be our president. We have a Senate that agrees with him. Our honesty, our Christian morals and our respect have gone down the drain. ...

Parents and teachers are responsible for the upbringing of our kids. They must have the tools to do so ... Bring God back into their lives. Give back to the teachers the authority to discipline our children without being sued. Hollywood and TV programmers, clean up your acts. Teachers, do not allow for separate groups to exist in the schools. Children who feel not part of the group (society) and unwanted need special attention. Students knowing this should report it immediately. ...

Robert B. Heynneman, Augusta


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