Originally created 05/18/99

Your style


Linda Gardner (left) and Krystle Jackson, 17-year-old juniors at John S. Davidson Fine Arts School


Linda is wearing a dark blue shirt ($10.99,) white jeans ($29.99) and black shoes ($21.99), all bought at Augusta Mall, but Linda doesn't remember the names of the stores.

Krystle's denim bell bottoms were $19.99 at T.J. Maxx; the gray T-shirt from One Sale was $3.99; and the black and silver sneakers from Wal-Mart were $17.99.


These best friends like to look casual but good. "This outfit is low cost and comfortable with a twist," Krystle said. "The stores where I buy my clothes don't matter to me. As long as I have decent clothes to wear, I'm happy."

Linda says her outfit shows that she cares about how she looks, "but I won't show you too much." All her friends complimented her the first time she wore this outfit, and she says it shows her style because "I'm comfortable and dressed up at the same time."


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