Originally created 05/18/99

Humor can't save screening of `Idle Hands'

Bad plot + insulting humor = Idle Hands. In many ways, this movie was an insult to human intelligence. And though it did have its funny moments, it is not worth $4.50 to see. In a nutshell, Idle Hands is about a guy (Devon Sawa) whose hand becomes possessed. Already it sounds just a little cheesy.

He ends up murdering several people ... though he never realizes it. He doesn't want to be the killer. He kills his parents, other people around him, even his two best friends, who eventually come back from the dead. Now, if it didn't sound really pathetic before, it should by now.

I'm not going to give the entire story away, but in the end our main character cuts off his hand and becomes a hero and saves his girlfriend. Of course, there are a lot more details. Also, in the end his two resurrected best friends go to heaven. How lame!

There are some humorous parts ... but for the most it's a horrible movie. It apparently didn't take much effort to film. But do keep your eyes open (in other words, don't go to sleep) -- Dexter Holland and his band, the Offspring, make an appearance. Sadly, Dexter is killed by our main character's severed hand.

Now, if you're into these spoofs on horror flicks that add a little bit of comedy, then this is the film for you. But if you share my view on this movie, you might want to bring a barf bag. It's got way too much gore in it for me. I give this one two thumbs way down.

-- Ashley Stevens, 14, freshman, Harlem High School

Idle Handswasn't a bad movie, as long as you're into the whole slacker-undead-dope-head thing. A classic story of good vs. evil, which can really be summed up in the following format: Boy has a crush on girl. Girl doesn't know boy exists. Boy's too much of a slacker to introduce himself. Boy's hand is possessed by an evil spirit. Evil spirit wants to take girl into hell proper. Boy hacks off the offending limb, which then goes on a merry romp -- two of evil hand's undead victims in tow to catch it, being aided by the neighborhood bad boy and a Druidic priestess.

Hand goes on a huge killing spree until it's finally disposed of in a rather disappointing show of el-cheapo special effects. Boy gets girl. Zombie victims go to heaven, and bad boy and Druid go off for ritualistic sex. A happy ending. While not a sidesplitting, epic, or tear-jerking movie, it is worth the $4.50 for the matinee ticket. I enjoyed it.

-- Eric Rush, 16, freshman, Harlem High School


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