Originally created 05/18/99

Gossip destroys friendships, creates enemies

Let's face it. We have all fallen victim to gossip at least once in our lives. It truly can hurt your feelings, current relationships and even friendships. I have been the target of my share of gossip, and, no matter how much my family or friends tell me to just "shrug it off," those rumors always linger. There are a few, though, who can laugh when gossip rears its ugly and hated head; then again, I wonder how many of them cry when they think no one is looking.

Why are people sometimes so cruel and thoughtless? Some may think that it makes them feel better about themselves to degrade others; some do it just to gain revenge. Whatever the case may be, it is still rude and uncalled for. To gossip about other people -- friends or even enemies -- is not taught in the Bible; in fact it is considered one of the more serious sins. The 10 Commandments clearly states, "Thou shalt not bear false witness." This holds true not only in a court of law, but also in everyday life.

I do understand, though, that people will probably never stop this foolish gossip. I've lost quite a few friends and made quite a few enemies just because of gossip. Underneath all the rumors and lies, I'm not a bad person, and I really want people to know my true soul and not the rumors.

And, in a way, I'm almost sure that's all everyone really wants -- even the ones who do the gossiping.

Ashley Stevens is a freshman at Harlem High School and a member of The Augusta Chronicle Teen Board.


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