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"I like this boy that goes to my school, but if I say I like him everyone will pick on me because he's kind of ugly. But I don't like him because of looks. It's his personality: The more we talk, the more I like him. Should I go with him or not?" -- 14-year-old girl, Augusta


Go with the boy. It's good that you like him for his personality and not his looks. It's what's on the inside that counts, and if they were your real friends they would understand.

Yeah, go with your heart. Don't worry about what everybody else thinks.

Go out with him. If you like him, don't care about what other people say. Just do what you feel.

It doesn't matter what anybody thinks -- it's what you think.

If you like him it shouldn't matter what other people think. You can't live your life for what other people think. You can't please everybody, so if you like him just go out with him.

Listen to your heart! If your friends make fun of your decision, then they're not really your friends.

Remember: Beauty is only skin deep. Inner attraction is what's important.

Go with him; nobody should tell you who you should or shouldn't go out with.

Personality is the only thing that counts. Don't worry about what other people think -- it's just a superficial thing. If you like the boy, then go out with him!

XTREME Reporter Emily Sollie's advice: If you like this guy and he likes you, then go for it. Wouldn't you hate to look back and realize you missed out on having a lot of fun with a really cool person just because you were afraid your friends might laugh at you for liking someone who didn't look like a model?

And you know, the more you get to know a person the more attractive he becomes. When your friends see how happy you are around him, they probably won't make fun of his looks. If they do, then they're being superficial, and that's their problem.


"I really like this guy, and I know he likes me too. But the problem is that none of my family or friends approve of him. If I go out with him, I'll be around him a lot, which will put distance between me and my family and friends. I really want to go out with him, but I don't want to distance myself from my family and friends. What should I do?"

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