Originally created 05/18/99

Denies `flag desecration' is a right 051899 - The Augusta Chronicle

The letter of April 30 regarding the preservation of the right to desecrate the flag demands an appropriate rebuttal. The writer should read and truly understand the words of The Star Spangled Banner and "The Pledge of Allegiance" to the flag. By doing this, it would be realized that in no way can it be properly interpreted that desecration of the flag is one of the freedoms that were fought for.

Burning the flag is appropriate only in those cases where it is torn, damaged, unpresentable through wear or has touched the ground. Even then, it should be done in a controlled, dignified manner.

An amendment banning desecration of the flag should not be necessary but, in today's society, it has become mandatory. The right to burn the U.S. flag is not a right of expression under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

To allow flag desecration to continue is an insult to all veterans -- living, disabled or those who made the supreme sacrifice in defense of freedom and the flag it represents.

John Williams, Augusta

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