Originally created 05/18/99

Defends lawmaker's `anti-war' stand 051899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Being a 25-year-veteran, after reading David B. Bell's letter ("Hits congressman's opposition to war"), I felt I had to respond.

Since 1991, the United States has spent $21.4 billion in peacekeeping missions. These operations include Bosnia, Iraq, Somalia and Haiti with little or no results. If our ground troops end up in Kosovo, that will add another $2 billion annually. These operations have cost American lives and will cost many more. We lost more than 55,000 lives in Vietnam before 1991.

Rep. Charles Norwood, R-Ga., served in Vietnam as I did, and he knows what the results will be if we send in ground troops. He has witnessed death and the maiming of our men as I have. I recommend we send Mr. Bell, draft-dodger Bill Clinton and any other people in this country who are in favor of this action to Kosovo to fight in this conflict that has been going on for at least 600 years.

I consider Rep. Norwood to be one of the best representatives from Georgia's 10th district that we've ever had.

Gary F. Blanchard, Appling


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