Originally created 05/17/99

Moving data with an iMac

If you're an iMac owner and want to transfer some files from an older Mac to your new blueberry or strawberry or whatever-flavored desktop device, the bad news is that there's no floppy option. But the good news is that networking with Macs can be an easily accomplished task.

If the other Mac in the equation also sports an Ethernet jack -- which means basically all Power Macs except for some Performa models -- hooking the two computers together to shuffle files won't even require you to reboot anything.

For this operation, you'll need a crossover cable, about $15, plugged into both computers. (You may also require a "transceiver" to match the non-standard Ethernet jacks on older machines.) Next, on both Macs, open the AppleTalk control panel (under the Apple-icon menu, in the Control Panels folder) and select "Connect via: Ethernet."

In the File Sharing control panel, click "Start" to get both computers to start talking to each other. Last, on your iMac, open the Chooser from the Apple menu and click on "AppleShare." A panel displaying the name of your old computer should appear. Click on that, and an icon of your old computer's hard disk should pop up on your desktop. Drag and drop files from your old Mac to your new one.

If you've got a Mac that was built before Ethernet jacks became standard equipment, try Apple's support site (www.apple.com/support), which even explains how to connect an iMac to a 1986-vintage Mac Plus.


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