Originally created 05/17/99

Stop GoreTax boost 051799 - The Augusta Chronicle

In an outrageous display of bureaucratic arrogance, the Federal Communications Commission is seeking a $1 billion increase in the "GoreTax" -- i.e., the "fee" ordered up by Vice President Al Gore that appears on your phone bill every month.

Not only should this tax not be boosted, it should be repealed. It basically provides an opportunity for the veep to take bogus credit for funding to wire schools and local libraries to the Internet.

What goes unstated, of course, is that most schools and libraries, using state and local money, were already being wired to the Intenet before the FCC initiated Gore's cyber-pork project last year.

The share of Internet-wired schools rose from 58 percent to nearly 90 percent between 1995 and '98 with no help from Gore. He's jumping in front to "lead" a parade that's already well under way.

But as bad as that is, this is worse: The fee Gore bullied the FCC into levying -- and now seeks to raise -- is a grievous example of taxation without representation!

Explains National Taxpayers Union President John Berthoud, "The tax violates our nation's principle of democratic representation because it allows unelected officials (FCC appointees) to levy taxes on the American public."

This is why it will do little good to complain to your congressman: Congress didn't approve this tax. The best way to register displeasure with the tax is to let the Gore campaign know, or contact the NTU designed website: www.GoreTax.com.


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