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Asserts pain isn't God's 'mistake' 051799 - The Augusta Chronicle

On April 24 I read the column by David Sisler which stated that many Christians would probably admit that pain was God's one mistake.

I would like to say that if a Christian would admit to something like that, it would be one of those Christians who are known as "so-called Christians," at times they seem to be a Christian, then again they seem to be part of the world. God will have no part with a lukewarm person -- a person who is in the middle of evil and good (Revelation 3:15-16).

Also, any Christian would know that when God created mankind, (Adam and Eve) pain was not present. Now if pain wasn't present, where did it come from? As we search the Bible, we see in the book of Genesis that hard times and pain came after Adam disobeyed God, therefore, God didn't make a mistake, but man did. If you study the Bible you would see that the pain that was added unto mankind will one day be taken away, not only pain but also tears, death, sorrow, crying and all former things -- they all shall pass away (Revelation 21:3-4). ...

There are only two kinds of men who would state that God has made a mistake: an unlearned man and a man who denies God.

Dealing with pain, I know that if God can give every man a different fingerprint, cause the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the dead to live and many more things, than surely he can take away pain.

Pierce B. Thompkins, Augusta

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