Originally created 05/17/99

Titanic top news story of decade

The Augusta Chronicle received hundreds of responses when it asked readers to rank the top world and national news stories of the 20th century.

Based on The Chronicle's INFOLINE poll, here is how readers in the Augusta-Aiken area ranked the big news events of the century's second decade. The numbers in parentheses show how many votes were cast for each event.

We will publish readers' rankings of events from subsequent decades on Mondays through mid-July.

This week's results are:

1912: Titanic luxury liner, the world's largest man-made structure, sinks in the North Atlantic Ocean. (nine votes)

1913: Henry Ford organizes the first major U.S. assembly line to produce Model T cars. (six votes)

1914: World War I begins in Europe, ending four years later with U.S. troops contributing to Germany's defeat. (six votes)

1914: The Panama Canal opens, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. (two votes)


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