Clemson tops N.C. State

Auburn outlasts Georgia 11-8

Braves notes: Rocker likes to stay busy

Boll Weevils shut out baffled GreenJackets

Braves whip Cubs with homers

Baseball roundup: Gonzalez extends hit streak to 27

Braves notes: Bats have been MIA during trip

Jackets notes: Duchscherer shines during debut in FSL

Jackets lose 7th straight

Greenbrier in finals

Baseball roundup: Reds blank Padres

Harlem defeats defending champs

'Spiders' crawl investment webs

Benefits of bar code plentiful

Groups warn donors to research charities

Musician has 2nd career in drumsticks

Urban kids take entrepreneurial initiative

Old stock certificates are popular investment

Digging up old stocks can yield cash

List of state's top companies starts with Home Depot

1937: A look at the 20th Century
In 1937, the United States was starting to enjoy some stability after the worst of the Great Depression, while European and Asian politics was spinning down toward another world war.

This day in the Millennium: May 17
1900: Augusta adopted a city ordinance requiring segregated seating on streetcars with black riders in back seats and white riders in front seats.

Pioneer in bus driving recalls hand-cranked vehicle
SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- In a state that sometimes is criticized for its education rankings, Spartanburg cranked up school bus transportation years before the rest of the nation.

Titanic top news story of decade
The Augusta Chronicle received hundreds of responses when it asked readers to rank the top world and national news stories of the 20th century.

This day in the Millennium: May 16
1861: The Augusta City Council empowered the mayor to demand a loyalty oath of strangers in the city at the start of the Civil War.

Colorado, Roy blank Red Wings

NHL roundup: Toronto turns back Pittsburgh

Bruins befuddled by lack of offense

Czech Republic wins in World Hockey

Rough road awaits Stars in St. Louis

Czech Republic wins World Hockey Championships

Study: Savannah tourism increase sparked by word-of-mouth

In the swing of things

Residents debate historic district

Officials: Predators seem normal

Government has power on changes

Additional area news

This day in the Millennium: May 17

Park nears completion of Phase 1

This day in the Millennium: May 16

Video poker underscores differences

Aiken County budget subject to revisions

School loan defaulters warned

Schools face seat belts debate

Driver follows instinct, finds missing man

Origin of common proverbs

Courses provide practice

Priorities mark lines for voters

Pioneer in bus driving recalls hand-cranked vehicle

Official corners president

Georgia residents take action in property tax fight

Erskine visited by Dole

Practicing the stroke

Teen-agers focus of Friday forum

Extension of deadline sought for gas customers

Additional area news

Student takes role in movie

Student felony law not used

Officials seek black donors

Home front: Work in slaying praised

Gambling earnings scrutinized

1937: A look at the 20th Century

Rappelling rescue

South Carolina sees influx of Northerners

Titanic top news story of decade

New watch program targets illegal hunting

NBA notes: J.R. Reid fined

NBA playoff action: Lakers top Rockets

Knicks edge Heat 78-77

76ers bully the Magic

Mr. Wayne Shull

Mr. Franklin Smith

Mr. John Davis Sr.

Mrs. Eunice Whittle

Mrs. Jeannie FitzSimmons

Mr. Roy Stevens

Mrs. Myrtis Courtney

Mrs. Geneva Harmon

Mrs. Mae Goley

Mr. John Arrington

Mrs. Lois Williams

Miss Catherine Hardman

Mr. LeRoy Powell

Mr. Thomas MacMillan Sr.

Mr. Marvin Seigler

Mrs. Olive Adams

Mr. Ronald Walton Sr.

Mrs. Lois Williams

Mr. John Price

Mr. Joseph Hunter

Mrs. Florrie Christopher

Mrs. Margaret Bartley

AARP's costly agenda 051799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Don't move embassy 051699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits groups' 'mentality of death' 051699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Asks critic's military experience 051699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Asserts pain isn't God's 'mistake' 051799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Slams author's 'strange encounters' 051699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Stop GoreTax boost 051799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Get INS back on track! 051699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends Norwood's stand on Balkans 051699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: GRTA aimed at controlling Ga.'s growth 051699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Seeks reduction in U.S. foreign aid 051699 - The Augusta Chronicle

It was very Charismatic

Barnwell reigns in AA track

Jarrett leading series

Marchman wins inaugural event

Overtime: Hudson falls, but Mitchem wins at fort

Mallon wins Sara Lee Classic

Books on bucks, bass just right for your sportsmen

Two steps to go in Green's quest

Ingle advances

Lukas gets Triple Crown shot with Charismatic

Roberts steals thunder at Nelson

Overtime: Rafter's bid for '1' halted by Kuerten

Martin outruns Burton

Colin Montgomerie logs win

Roberts' doubts disappear with victory

Camps offer exciting options

It's how, not what you eat

Customized drive

Ballet entrances audience

Area festivals quite entertaining

Ft. Gordon play solves moral dilemma

Despite denials, UFOs intriguing

Structural expression

Soap star greeted by fans

Plant emerges from shadowy past

Online college to see increase in availability

Bird enthusiasts track species online

Calling shots with control panels

Filing frenzy: Moving data from one PC to another

Parents can oversee kids' online habits

Few cancer patients in studies

There's a lot to learn about car shopping online

Video games as big as movies

Tears and laughter

Moving data with an iMac

Websightings: Hot spots on the Net

Cells give doctors early warning of prostate cancer

Getting view from on high

Robot dog a Japanese techno-sensation

Attachment woes in e-mail can be resolved

What's hot: New items of interest

Video Game makers' taste of fame