Originally created 05/08/99

Hits investigators in child cases 050899 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am writing today because after reading the article on the ques-tioning of Junior Downs, the confessed child-raping murderer, the urge to do so was just too strong to ignore.

I always knew in my heart that James Porter probably didn't just decide to take a late night trip to the canal. Now there is confirmation, in which I feel a sense of relief. The fact that his cause of death was misjudged doesn't shock me a bit, but does seem to pour salt on wounds that will never heal.

You see, my brother was also murdered and our great coroners ruled his death an accidental drowning as well. I know that we pay them to do their jobs but obviously, if we don't stay in the faces of the investigating officers (and the coroners), your loved ones could share the same tragic fate as James and my dear brother, Michael.

Melissa Baker, Augusta

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