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Patriots knifed at DOE 050799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Did you know that patriotic whistle-blowers upset over security laxity and the theft of our nuclear secrets are being purged from the U.S. Department of Energy?

The big question is: Will Congress shift attention away from Kosovo and other issues to react to this outrage?

It's bad enough the GOP-controlled Senate was asleep at the switch when DOE Secretary Bill Richardson recently snuck through the appointment of a notorious nuclear disarmament advocate, Rose Gottemoeller, to serve as his assistant secretary for Non-proliferation and National Security. What's worse is that this is the same left-wing she-wolf who demoted DOE chief of intelligence Notra Truluck.

Truluck's "crime"? He's an honest public servant who, throughout the Clinton presidency, simply did his job by warning superiors about foreign attempts to steal classified nuclear information.

Gottemoeller has also effectively removed Edward McCallum, a retired Army colonel, from heading DOE's Office of Security and Safeguards. In unclassified reports during the 1995-97 period, Mc-Callum exposed incredible security laxness at DOE facilities, including the Savannah River Site and Los Alamos (where a scientist now stands accused of sending secrets to the Red Chinese).

Reflect on what the Washington-based Center for Security Policy says about what happened to the colonel:

"Apparently panicked at the mounting evidence that McCallum's heretofore unheeded alarms were becoming a serious embarrassment to the DOE, Gottemoeller summarily on April 19 effectively fired him. On the basis of transparently trumped up charges that Col. McCallum, of all people, was handling classified information indiscreetly, Gottemoeller has placed him in the bureaucratic equivalent of limbo -- on indefinite, unappealable admini-strative leave without pay."

Where is the congressional oversight to stop this Communist-style purge?

Patriots like Truluck and McCallum should be promoted, not destroyed!

Furthermore, the reason the bipartisan Cox committee is having trouble declassifying its report on Red Chinese penetration of DOE nuclear facilities is that Richardson continues to block access to key classified information. What a joke! After several years of declassifying information (including sensitive information) that help our enemies -- which began under inept DOE Secretary Hazel O'Leary -- Richardson is now suddenly concerned about "protecting" secrets from appropriate congressional committees?

Richardson must be forced to cooperate with the Cox panel, or he should be removed. Congress should also pressure Richardson to put Gotte-moeller on indefinite, unappealable suspension until her shameful cover-up role in the unfolding Chinese espionage scandal is fleshed out.

Where is the congressional oversight to stop this Communist-style purge? Patriots like Notra Truluck and Edward McCallum should be promoted, not destroyed!


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