Originally created 05/07/99

NHL sets draft drawing for May 16

NEW YORK -- The NHL will conduct its draft drawing on Sunday, May 16 to determine the order of selection for the first 12 picks in the Entry Draft.

The 11 teams who missed the Stanley Cup playoffs -- or the clubs that acquired first-round picks from those teams -- will participate in the drawing along with the expansion Atlanta Thrashers.

The drawing is a weighted lottery system that limits teams from moving up more than four positions in the draft order. That would restrict the top pick to the four clubs with the fewest regular-season points -- the New York Islanders, Tampa Bay, Vancouver and Nashville -- or Atlanta.

Under the weighted lottery system, Tampa Bay, whose 47 points was the lowest total in the league this season, has the greatest chance at the top pick with 26 percent. Atlanta and Vancouver both have a 16.9 percent chance, the Islanders a 10.8 percent chance and Nashville an 8.3 percent chance.

Other teams participating in the drawing and their chances for advancing are Washington (6.4), Los Angeles (4.8), Chicago (3.7), Calgary (2.7), Montreal (1.9), the New York Rangers (1.1) and Florida (0.5). As part of the Pavel Bure trade, Florida has the option to give Vancouver its No. 1 pick this year or next year.

The Entry Draft is scheduled for Saturday, June 26 at Boston.


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