Originally created 04/18/99

Prefers peaceful solution in Kosovo 041899 - The Augusta Chronicle

The United States, along with a very reluctant NATO, grossly underestimated the will and determination of the Serbs in Yugoslavia.

Our administration, in its infinite ignorance and stupidity, failed to take into consideration the culture, patriotism and history of the Serbs. Unfortunately, our legislative branch of government is paralyzed with fright since the impeachment hearings.

Disregarding the warning and advice of our most experienced military leaders that we lacked any long-range strategic planning, specific goals or even military preparedness, the administration arrogantly assumed that two days of bombing would bring Yugoslavia to its knees. This, after knowing full well that daily bombing for months in Iraq didn't even make Saddam Hussein blink?

The horrors of the civil war in Kosovo could have been averted through reasonable diplomatic channels similar to the diplomacy which brought peace to Bosnia-Herzgovina.

Now is the time for the United States and NATO to swallow their obstinate pride, stop the murderous bombing and restore order through peaceful means before this conflict spreads throughout the Balkans.

Our "super power" ego should never have allowed the United States to attack another sovereign country unless we were attacked first or our national security was somehow threatened!

Al Kotras, Martinez


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