Originally created 04/17/99

Software review: Top Page harder than coding

Details: For the most part, Web-authoring software does little except force users to learn an alternately complex process that ends up being about as difficult as just learning the hypertext markup language (HTML) code that tells a Web browser what to display. NetObjects' TopPage basically falls into that same category.

On the plus side, you can easily make logos and various text-related objects for your Web page. The interface is decent for making simple pages and there are also some nice image-processing tools that make it easy to compress pictures so that your page will load faster. But try anything remotely tricky and you get a note telling you that you need to buy another product, Web Animator. But my main concern is the lack of instructions -- there's no manual, and the tutorial on the CD-ROM is easy to miss.

People who don't know anything about slinging code are going to find this program useless because it's hard to work with, and experts will find the available tools far too simplistic.

Bottom line: One more reason why so many people don't bother creating Web pages of their own.


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