Originally created 04/17/99

Wants Clintons to pay `all' taxes due 041799 - The Augusta Chronicle

The Chronicle reported April 14 that the Clintons' taxes for 1998 total $89,951 and represent 17 percent of their earnings.

Well, this might be true but it depends on how you run the numbers and what you call earnings. If I remember right, the president's salary is around $225,000. Then with the earnings of Hillary Clinton (stocks, futures, etc.), I suspect you might double the above amount arriving at $450,000. Then, the $89,951 calculates out at just under 20 percent (close to 17 percent).

What's missing here? Let's forget little things like the equivalent value of his free housing in the White House, insurance, etc., that you and I are told is taxable income.

Let's look only at Bill Clinton's enormous legal costs. How many equivalent lawyers did he keep busy full time on the Paula Jones case, his impeachment hearings, the Monica Lewinsky affair and his other more trivial escapades? I will take a guess at four. These lawyers probably go at well above $300 per hour, but let's use that figure. Then his attorney costs alone calculate out at about $2.5 million! Mr. Clinton is paying them out of his legal defense fund, which is in fact personal donations (gifts) to him and, therefore, taxable.

Fellow Americans, you don't even need to look any further. This clown has simply forgotten he needs to pay taxes on gifts just like the rest of us. Let us all work together to see to it that he follows the same rules as you and I. On the other hand, simply adding "tax cheater" to the already subscribed list (draft dodger, marijuana smoker too dumb to inhale, adulterer, sex deviate, impeached president, obstructer of court justice, war monger -- when he doesn't need to personally fight, etc.) is only one more trivial offense.

But, just for the fun of it, let's see him pay his due taxes. If we can do this, perhaps there really is some justice in this world.

T. Kohli, Augusta


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