Originally created 04/17/99

Backs Kevorkian's `death campaign' 041799 - The Augusta Chronicle

In the beginning of this century, our life expectancy was 48, while now at the end of this century it is 76. Medical science has helped us to live longer. But to me, long life is not a matter of joy unless we have a healthy life. There are many elderly people living in a terrible and pitiable condition because of the heavy pain suffered from an incurable disease. There may be some -- we do not know -- who may have tried to commit suicide but could not succeed. In such cases, "Dr. Death" Jack Kevorkian has come to their aid and the family members bless him.

Some call him an angel for mercy. We may not agree, but he has helped patients suffering from incurable disease to die with dignity and end suffering. He has helped 130 patients die peacefully so far. He has been tried in court many times but could not be found guilty except lately when he went beyond a particular limit and went too far.

Dr. Kevorkian videotaped himself giving a fatal injection to a patient suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease and made himself the focus of controversy. There are now changes in the way people view death, especially those who have seen patients suffering from incurable disease or intractable pain. Oregon state has made assisted suicide legal.

Dr. Kevorkian cannot be called a murderer, and he has never denied what he has done -- ask those family members who have seen their beloved ones suffering from heavy pain and awaiting heart or kidney failure. Only the future will tell whether Dr. Kevorkian was a murderer or an angel for mercy.

Champak C. Patel, Martinez


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